Leedo Cabinetry
This company was growing fast and needed help managing the many facets of its cabinetry business. Sales were great, but Leedo was having problems keeping pace with a sudden increase in business. David worked with Leedo for close to four years.

Leedo’s Manufacturing function, where the cabinets are made, was especially disorganized and chronically behind schedule, creating delays throughout the business. David and teams from Manufacturing mapped work procedures, identified critical handoffs and inspection points, and developed dashboards to evaluate workflow and employee responsibilities. Within a few months, Manufacturing went from being unstable, chaotic and late to being the most reliable, organized and on-time department within Leedo. The significant change positively affected other areas that had been making up for its shortcomings.

Installation Services began mapping their workflow, creating dashboards and measuring progress. This resulted in less rework, fewer special-order parts and quicker on-site cabinet installation. Sales Administration, which processed sales orders, became more organized by producing flowcharts, mapping procedures and creating measurement controls. By taking the time to address and improve each facet of its business, Leedo has been able to maintain high quality of products and services while keeping pace with fast growth.

LoneStar Logos & Signs
This organization needed to make its processes visible so that everyone in the business could see the complex flow between many different departments. Workers had a perception of what was taking place within the business, but its systems had never actually been analyzed and assessed. David used storyboards to help staff create a System of Work and Visual Tracking Systems. Processes were measured, allowing the staff to see what was actually taking place in the business. On many occasions, the real numbers were different than expected. This new information showed where the company was working well and where there were obstacles and missed opportunities. As workers began to track processes, they saw many ways to improve their business.

Asset Health
What began as a one-day seminar stretched into a collaboration of over a year’s time. This company needed to define the core areas for improvement and determine where key actions were needed. By simplifying systems and processes and making the flow of work visible, everyone in the company had a better understanding of how the business operated. When staff saw the bigger picture, communication and teamwork between departments improved, creating a better quality of work and service.

David focused with staff to improve areas such as customer service, personal productivity, system workflow, operational initiatives and sales process. Special attention was given to creating activities to enhance new business and customer support. Sales staff learned to carry out growth development activities while simultaneously keeping up with day-to-day work activities, resulting in increased sales.

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