David Can Help Your Business Get Better
David commits himself to understanding what goes on in a business because transforming an organization is more than just transmitting ideas. Transformation is also about changing values and teaching new skills with the objective of improving the organization’s effectiveness.

As a process consultant, David first helps people understand how the organization is presently working. The solutions to many problems become evident as soon as they are seen and discovered.

David then helps the organization work together by promoting employee involvement. An organization succeeds when employees contribute to process improvement.

Finally, David guides the organization to improve business performance by using its own resources effectively. When people are involved in improving the business, they will accept and use the solutions they generate.


Getting Better in 90 Days
David will guide your business from start to finish to accomplish The 90 Day Implementation Plan as described in his book The Visual System of Work: Help Your Business Work Better, Make Money and Generate Cash, A 90 Day Implementation Guide.

Facilitating Workshops
David offers results-based, interactive workshops that are tailored to meet your specific needs. David will meet with you to identify your desired outcomes, then customize a workshop designed to achieve those results.

David offers a range of coaching services designed to help business owners, managers, supervisors and employees enhance their business and personal performance.
Coaching is a structured and self-directed process designed to help and inspire individuals to accelerate their personal and professional growth. Coaching can be individual, group or on-call.

David is available to give short presentations on the method, tools and the 90 Day Implementation Plan that are introduced and described in his book The Visual System of Work: Help Your Business Work Better, Make Money and Generate Cash, A 90 Day Implementation Guide.

"Leedo was struggling as a manufacturer and turn-key solution in the multifamily cabinet industry. David worked with our manufacturing team to establish control over our system. Various plant teams mapped workflow, identified critical handoffs, developed dashboards and established employee responsibilities. Mindsets were changed which drove the mantra of accountability at the most basic level. The results were truly astounding. Manufacturing began to fill orders on-time and became the stalwart to the organization.”

— David Burke, VP Sales Administration, Leedo Cabinetry

"Although I was skeptical when David was first brought in as a consultant for our company, I soon became his biggest champion. He has a true gift of being able to breakdown every aspect of your business into its basic elements. It is an eye opening experience to learn how your business really works compared to how you think it works. Every business owner needs to go through this process.

Vincent Hazen, COO and General Counsel, LoneStar Logos & Signs

"I realized quickly that David had a unique ability to see and comprehend complex issues and to distill them into clear and understandable visual maps. We knew as a team that although we had strong leaders, we were not always communicating as effectively and fully as possible. Through the development of visual maps for the different business areas, everyone on the leadership team, and subsequently in the business groups, now have a more clear understanding of our work flow.

Joe Hart, President, Asset Health

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